About Us


The Posecards™® story began when owner and designer, Doris Wai, refused to let her sister get married with the typical cheesy and tacky photo booth props. As a graduate from the OCADU illustration program and business owner of Love Lettering she knew she had to create a custom set for her wedding. The mix of modern and vintage design made the photos pop and brought the fun without the cheese. Since then, over 200+ designs have been created for every occasion where a photo is taken. These are for the moms, photo bombs, birthdays and first days. They are for every special moment and person in your life.


Our Vision


Posecards™® are meant to enhance every gift it is attached to, every moment it is a part of.

Use them as greeting cards/gift tags as they can decorate your present. You can still write your sentiments on the back, they mark the special occasion and the recipient can pose with their card. Posecards are versatile and creative! You can place them into flower arrangements and bouquets and they make a great last-minute cake topper as well creating a custom cake with ease. We design not only for those big celebrations, we also design for the small ones such as the first day of JK, when we travel to different countries or retirement, all the moments that make up life. We design Posecards for those dedicated to capturing moments of their lives.


Custom & Wholesale


Posecards™® are such a versatile product, once it’s in hand it’s really hard not to take a photo or selfie. These are great for launch parties, galas and special events. We design custom pieces in-house for every and any occasion.

Posecards™® would love to be a part of your retail store. We are a great addition to gift & stationery shops, florists, baked goods and baby stores.

Become a stockist! Reach out to us for more information on how to bring the fun to your shop!


Posecards are the combination of all the things I love, lettering, illustration and design, stationery and of course, posing for the camera...
— Doris wai