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1001 Ways to use a Posecards™®

Posecards were designed to fill a void of photo props in everyday celebrations.

What started out as stylish photo props for photo booths quickly developed into greeting card photo props and are now considered a marker for big and small celebrations.

There are so many ways to use Posecards™! If you think of more, shoot us a line!

Foremost, they are meant for photos! Group shots, selfies, first day of school, retirement, if you have an occasion, we have you covered.

They can decorate your present and gift bag! Tie or use washi tape to attach it to any gift, or put a little slit into your gift bag and place the wooden dowel in place. Don’t forget to write your sentiments and name on the back of your Posecard!

They are great for cake toppers! Create your own custom cake by adding one of our Posecards. The birthday star will surely pose and keep the Posecard to mark the special occasion.

Style your home and events! These are so handy at parties, they are beautiful and placed on a table, they will definitely get the selfies going! I have seen these used to decorate Christmas trees and as place cards!

These are souvenirs from your life. They are a tangible item from all those special moments in your photos and are designed for the sentimental type who cherish moments. We imagine sets being passed on from mother to daughter to be used again with her own children. We can see the world traveller collecting these for the places they have visited on this earth. We can see beautiful stylish photos for years to come.


Posecards™® has been featured on the most beautiful party platform HOORAY MAGAZINE!!

There is no bigger celebration than a FIRST birthday and that is exactly why all the stops were pulled and the red, rather green carpet was brought out for Ava’s first birthday party! Mother Christine Parker of Flower Treasures & Platter Smash went all out with this Desert & Desserts cactus theme party! Alongside our owner/creator Doris of Love Lettering who handled all the lettering and signage, this custom set of cactus themed Posecards were a huge selfie station hit! Some were a bit edgy and adult such as “Don’t be a Prick!” but all in all they were fun for all. Read the whole blog and get some great ideas for your next bash, but find all your designer props here!

Beautiful Photography By Janet Kwan

Beautiful Photography By Janet Kwan


The Inspiration Behind our 100 Years Young Posecard

Our designer’s Grandmother Man Xue was a centurion. She actually passed away peacefully at the age of 104. She lived through wars and famine and she will always be remembered for her fuzzy peach face and her love of eating, especially crab and lobster which were not an easy feat with dentures! There are no words to describe how happy and fortunate we felt to have a chance for her to pose with this #posecard. She will always remain the first person to use this design and it was truly designed for her.

May she Rest In Peace.


Posecards™® has been featured on the Side Hustle School Podcast with Chris Guillebeau!!

We are so honoured to be a part of this amazing community of side hustlers as Posecards indeed did start out as just that…a SIDE HUSTLE! Listen to the story of how Posecards started from a need for a more stylized and unique photo prop and how it grew to become a 200+ design line covering holidays such as Christmas and Valentines to marking moments like a baby’s first selfie.

Listen to author and creator of the Side Hustle School podcast tell our story and if you need inspiration on how to start your own side hustle there are over 700 stories of just regular people starting creative businesses to gain financial freedom and they may just inspire you! Hope you enjoy!