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100th Birthday - Posecards™® Photo Prop Set - 5 Pieces

100th Birthday - Posecards™® Photo Prop Set - 5 Pieces


Posecards™® are designer photo props that celebrate every moment you take a photo.
Our sets are designed to bring style and fun to your photos, they mark your moments beautifully and are timeless. For every occasion add to your collection and use them again and again.

This set is great for 100 year birthdays! Wow a centurion! Selected pieces are great for 100 day celebrations, can be purchased individually!

5 pieces include:
-100 Years Young
-100 Champagne Bottle
-Aged to Perfection Arrow
-Aged better than Wine
-Party of the Century Caption

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Make it the celebration of the century with these handmade photo props for the 100th birthday celebrant! 

Each one is lovingly handmade and these props add a unique style to your photo booth or pictures/selfies in general! They are custom made and coloured so each set will be unique and different, one of a kind, original set. All props will come with sticks included.

POSECARDS™ are designer photo props created for the big celebrations and the small moments of everyday life. With camera phones being so available in our daily lives, we no longer need a photo booth to use photo props! We design Posecards™ in sets for parties, or individually. Write your sentiments on the back as a greeting card to accompany gifts & flowers. Send it to a friend and I guarantee they will "pose" with their card in a selfie!

As an illustrator, I can pretty much draw anything! From favourite beers, to favourite books, I draw them all. Please take a look at my other single photo props for some unique ideas. Feel free to send me an inquiry if you have something specific in mind!

Thanks for looking and remember to party with style!